Comfort Eye Mask (Pack Of 2)


Adjustable NatuVerex™ Elastic Eye Mask Made in Canada

  • $49.95US – Sold In Packs Of 2 And Includes Shipping
  • Comfort Soft Cotton/Rayon User Contact Surface
  • Comfort Fashion 75% Cotton/25% Poly  Exterior  Strength Layer
  • Reversible, Washable, Pre-shrunk
  • Efficacy Tested At 100% Through 25 Washes
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The NatuVerex™ Comfort eye mask can be worn at night in your safety zone, and continue delivering the anti-germ benefit while providing you an easier breathe.

The mask itself does this naturally just through the layers of protection the fabric provides. This mask could also help with Blepharitis and pink eye.

The added benefit of  our copper dose has been proven to have a whopping 50% reduction rate of Staph and Klebsiella Pneumonia on contact, 80% in the first hour, and a 99% reduction in 24 hours hours for the most stubborn of those pesky bacteria.

Accompanying that is the known technology of skin wellness and reduction of fine lines.


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