We have a Canadian Medical Device Licence for the NatuVerex™ Lifestyle of bedding and apparel products that deliver the healthy life benefit a NatuVerex™ Copper fabric  provides.What We Have

We are now applying for a US Medical Device Licence so that we can share our research with the rest of world and sell easy-to-benefit products that support a healthy lifestyle.

We will demonstrate how embracing the NatuVerex™ Certified, proven copper technologies we have discovered will benefit even the most healthy of individuals in a non-invasive method of delivering this cutting edge technology.

Our fabric has all the anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal claims that are already known too. Nice, but not a game-changer. We have more, something unique, that they don’t have. OMG, we can’t wait to tell you. This stuff is legendary!

And all our claims are founded through Science. We wont be making any unfounded claims like other guys have to do. We have the real deal.

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