We’ve been bustling since 2014 in our copper experimentation. This has included multiple Government Canada funded laboratory research projects, multiple tests in an independent Certified lab on our fabrics for the actual deliverable we’ve determined, and multiple field trials on targeted afflictions.Deep Dive

Since we began this journey, we’ve shared our ideas with many. At first, there was much skepticism. Gradually, and through many of our documented research and trials resulting in testimonials, the skepticism evolved into whispers, the whispers turned into rumours, and the rumours turned into product launches.

Today, there is a good amount of product available in copper from companies who jumped on our idea as a result of our pilgrimage. But NatuVerex™ has a proprietary formulation, and is the only one who’s done the Deep Dive, the hard work, and shown the patience to nurture the science, and bring a product to market that can be understood and utilized for your life. But not game-changing product science like we have.

During our research, we tested against leading Brands to understand our value proposition. Let’s just say on that point that we know we’ve located the sweet spot and they haven’t.

We don’t just say we have it, we actually have it!

What Do We Have?
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