Our prayers go out to those who have suffered as a result of COVID-19. Our admiration, respect,  and thankfulness go out to all the heroes who have gone on the battlefield to fight COVID-19.Coronavirus

The NatuVerex™ copper lifestyle of re-usable products is targeted at whomever seek a bacteria and virus reduced environment. Soon, our research will be published, so keep checking back frequently.

Our copper infused face coverings added recently was not at all the intention of our lifestyle product line. But when COVID-19 surfaced, our understanding of the properties of copper led to a product developed for this purpose for consumers wishing to enhance personal use protection, and for those who wish to embrace the reduction of single use disposable products entering the waste stream.

NatuVerex™ has recently engaged Canadian Government supported research projects that focus directly on COVID-19. Our continuing work with our researchers will never end. Supporting our lifestyle products will continue to fund research to get to a better lifestyle without drugs.

Coronavirus have been around for decades, including Sars and Mers, and many that went undetected. In fact, up to as much as 30% of common colds are caused by certain types of coronaviruses.

Using products with NatuVerex™ fabrics, could lead to a healthier lifestyle in this regard. There is no evidence at this time that wearing a copper mask will prevent the transmission of COVID-19, but there is clear evidence that it may contribute in some way based on previous viral evidence.

N95 masks have copper in them. All FDA-cleared N95 respirators are labeled as “single-use,” disposable devices. (April 5, 2020,)

When comparing the copper mask to a standard mask in the PLoS/ONE peer reviewed study below, they show that both can filter out a large amount of the viruses with equal efficiency using two types of viruses that cause the flu. The key difference is that the remaining viruses that pass through the mask were inactivated when they pass through the copper mask, while they were still active and can infect if they pass through the standard mask.

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