Our prayers go out to those who have suffered as a result of COVID-19. Our admiration, respect,  and thankfulness go out to all the heroes who have gone on the battlefield to fight COVID-19.

Natuverex™ personal use face coverings made from Natuverex™ fabrics are copper infused. These face coverings may be used when Health Canada or FDA cleared face coverings are not available. Please continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands, and refraining from touching your face.

Face Masks

Natuverex™ personal use face coverings that are made from Natuverex™ copper infused fabrics are reusable after washing. These face coverings are for those who embrace the reduction of single use disposable imported products entering the domestic waste stream. Natuverex™ face coverings have contact anti-microbial properties that are tested after 25 home washings to eliminate 50% of some bacteria on contact, 80% in first hour, and 99% in 24 hours.

Natuverex™ fabrics have completed research projects testing copper fabrics, and is engaged in research and testing with a Canadian University for COVID-19.

Natuverex™ personal use face coverings employ a patented securing loop called SoftearL29™, an ultra soft loop that’s way more comfortable than anything else. SoftearL29™ doesn’t dig into your ear or neck when moving around or leave skin marks. This loop will make you want to keep your mask on all the time.

SoftearL29™ is so smooth and comfortable that one size fits all without the need for tying, plastic toggles, or adjusting. It’s preshrunk, durable, and pocket size for easy on/off. SoftearL29™ is compact, won’t tangle up, and easily handled without pulling it out of your pocket or purse and everything else coming out with it.

Please contact us for information about  our personal use face coverings. Not recommended for use in a surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily fluids or other hazardous materials may be expected.